Agricultural Buildings


We at Sherman Pole Buildings like to think that when someone asks if you were raised in a barn, they are referring to your good taste and your high level of sophistication. We know, conventional wisdom might accuse us of piling it high and deep there. But we’re committed to changing commonly held perceptions about agricultural buildings. Our agricultural buildings with updated designs, materials and engineering, have transformed these structures to address the needs of modern agriculture.


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Back in the day there were Crib Barns, Prairie Barns and Round Barns. The barn was the most expensive structure on a new farm, hence the required community barn raising. But the times are a changing. Now the word “crib” is typically a reference to oversized celebrity homes. And though no one said you couldn’t hold a barn raising for your Sherman Pole Building, it isn’t necessary. Our buildings are budget friendly and are easily constructed within a few days. Do it yourself with one of our kits or let us do it for you.


Sherman Pole Buildings offers a range of flexible options in agricultural buildings to meet the evolving needs of today’s diverse farming community. Our buildings can be large or small. Insulated or not. Different post types. Post spacing options. And the list could go on. In some cases you may want a combination of uses in one building. The point is that if you need it, Sherman Pole Buildings can give it to you.


Whether you’re growing plants or animals, storing equipment or feed, or you’re using it as a workshop or repair facility with or without a lunch area for your crew, your agricultural building can be uniquely built for your needs when you team up with our experienced design and construction crew. Whether you’re growing herbs or packing blueberries, feeding chickens, making holiday wreaths or just keeping your bees happy, there’s a Sherman Pole Building just for you.