Airplane Hangars


The word “hangar” entered common usage when someone crashed an aircraft into a French farmer’s field then rolled the plane into the cattle pen for repairs.  Hangar being French for “cattle pen.” Nowadays, thanks to Sherman Pole Buildings you don’t have to store your aircraft in your cattle pen.  With our materials and expertise you can have a hangar to store your aircraft at a pretty decent price. We will work with your budget and requirements. 

Our steel buildings offer the best protectiClick on the image to see more airplane hangarson from every kind of weather.  Sherman Pole Buildings, with superior quality materials are low maintenance, durable and pest resistant.  Sherman Pole Buildings aren an ideal solution whether you’re building an aircraft, maintaining one or just sheltering it from the elements.

Whether you have a small twin piston plane, you’re restoring an antique plane or you’ve got a share in a jet, our buildings can give you the span and door options to fit your requirements. We offer a wide range of choices of all aspects of the building so that once it’s completed it will be perfectly suited to your specific uses. And if you’d like to have some cattle in your hangar for authenticity’s sake, who are we to question that?