Animal Shelters


Got animals? Here’s something. “Old Missouri had a mule, he-hi-he-hi-ho, and on this mule there were two ears, he-hi-he-hi-ho.” Who would have guessed that there were several versions

to the Old MacDonald song? It dates back all the way to 1719, perhaps as animal farmers attempted to entertain themselves – or not. One thing’s for sure, throughout that history, sheltering, raising and caring for the animals has been a primary concern. For the past few decades, Sherman Pole Buildings has provided some of the best buildings for raising and caring for animals.

Sherman Pole Buildings can be built to meet and exceed the requirements for raising and keeping a variety of animals.

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Whether the concerns are protection from extreme temperatures, feed storage, grooming facilities and hygiene, we have the solutions for you. Choose from several options of flooring, or no flooring at all. Choose a ventilation system, lighting, a workspace, or any variation on these and we can build to suit your needs. From simple to complex, flexible, fast and economical, we’re here to help.