Equine Buildings


A place for your horse is not the same as a place for storing firewood. Though, unconfirmed reports indicate that happy firewood makes cozier fires. While we at Sherman Pole Buildings are big fans of cozy fires on cool nights, we’re even bigger on helping you to find the ideal solution for your equestrian facilities. We understand the multitude of variables including personal preference, budget, materials, uses, size and the specific site of an equestrian facility.


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In terms of expertise, materials cost and excellence in customer service, Sherman Pole Buildings has a reputation for delivering. You don’t have to give up your kingdom for a horse. We realize you may not even have a kingdom in the first place.  A Sherman Pole Building can be customized to include room for your future stalls, a washing and grooming area, a tack room, feed room, storage, living space and more while staying within your budget.  Equestrian buildings can be quite comprehensive when it comes to the amount of planning involved.  Our sales crew has extensive experience with the design and construction process.