Mini Storage


Were dinosaurs more like the birds or like elephants? What do your shoes say about you? Is the pen mightier than the computer? Do you wonder about these things? We don’t either. Instead we’re wondering if you know that our buildings are perfect for mini-storage facilities. Approximately one in 11 households has self-storage space, which means the need is definitely great. And maybe you’re curious about the origin of mini-storage.

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Four decades ago, a few enterprising Texans built some simple garages and rented them out as storage space. Then they built a few more, and eventually others copied the idea. The concept spread because, frankly, it was a brilliant idea. Suddenly there was a solution to the problem of storing out of season lawn and garden implements, seasonal household goods and more.

While the original units were somewhat primitive, they got the job done. Nowadays, the needs in mini-storage are more complex. Contents span the spectrum from toys, to furniture, to out of season clothing, art, equipment and more. All of which means mini-storage buildings need to be climate controlled, pest resistant and flexible with beautiful, plush carpeting. Okay, not necessarily that last one.

A mini-storage facility from Sherman Pole Buildings can be erected in a short time span at an affordable price. It can be as sophisticated or as minimal as needed and above all it allows for a variable range of options. Whether the requirements are about sizing, lighting, flexibility, temperature control, wall and floor surfaces, and yes, plush carpeting if you will, we at Sherman Pole Buildings can accommodate those specifications.