Municipal Buildings


Most municipal buildings aren’t anything like the 40 story Manhattan Municipal Building. Rather, they are simple structures, purposefully built for specific municipal functions. Around here, they may hold salt for slick winter roads or function as simple storage sheds. They could be public works garages or recycling centers. In other cases they are community centers, fire or police stations. 


And every municipal use has its own unique requirements. From climate control to ventilation to efficient ways for maneuvering bulky vehicles in and out, each building must be constructed according to the function it serves.


At Sherman Pole Buildings, we are proud to offer this broad spectrum of flexibility for municipal buildings.


Our design staff is ready to help you achieve a “personalized” design, best suited to the project at hand. Enhance the appearance with color and design for eye-catching appeal. Consider materials that are durable for extreme weather as well as extremely tough usage. Choose garage style doors, sliding doors or any other from our range of options. Whatever the requirements, you can be assured that we at Sherman Pole Buildings have the experience and expertise to meet or exceed them.