Sherman Pole Buildings constructs the majority of this type of building.  Whether you like to relax in your shop, fix motorcycles, build rocking chairs, or anything else, we have a building for you.  We have spent a lot of time designing and constructing shops, storage buildings, and personal sanctuaries. 

While telemarketing, software development and running shoe manufacturing can be outsourced to remote locations around the world, maintaining and repairing equipment and machinery can only be done close to home. And today’s repair shop performs a wide range of functions from parts storage to fabrication equipment to supplies for preventive maintenance of machinery. All this requires multi-functional buildings that are designed not only to provide space but also function efficiently for the users.

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We at Sherman Pole Buildings are experienced providers of buildings that function as a shop or garage. Our buildings can be customized to include space accommodating small tools on peg boards as well as large free standing power tools.

Parts bins, cabinets, work benches of varying heights and washing stations are among the many considerations during the planning phase of a building. Then there’s electricity for tools and lighting, insulation for winter comfort, ventilation, fire prevention. All are important and we have the expertise to help you plan accordingly.

And while you may have a long list of nice-to-haves, we realize that you also often have a budget that requires you to stick to the must-haves. Our staff understands these constraints and we will work with you to find the right balance to stay within your budget. A Sherman Pole Building is a budget-friendly option, offering you the choice to complete some or all of the work or allow us to do it for you.