Commitment to You


Sherman Pole Buildings and Sherman Lumber, Inc. are proud to offer a 30 Year Structural Integrity and a 10 Year Workmanship Warranty on every building that we construct.  This warranty covers a period 3 times the Minnesota State requirements for structure and 10 times the requirements for workmanship.

Covered under this warranty are the building design, snow, and wind loads.  Also included are the steel siding, roofing, and any leaks.

The treated lumber and columns carry a 60 year to lifetime warranty against rot, decay, insect attack. The truss and rafter systems carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY for building design loads.

The non-structural components such as building accessories, windows, service doors, and overhead doors carry warranties from 5 years to lifetime, based on manufactures specifications.  For further information on the warranties for particular products refer to the Printables page.

This warranty is extended to the original building owner, is not transferable, and is limited to the building withstanding the natural forces and uses for which it was designed.  This warranty will be void if the building site is altered, added to, or partially removed unless by Sherman Lumber, Inc.  Building component manufacturers' warranties will be used to define the conditions of this warranty.

Adverse disruption to the building and/or surroundings area will void this warranty.  This warranty does not cover damage to, neglect to, vandalism of, or failure to maintain the building.  Claims regarding aesthitics must be reported immediately.  This warranty does not cover damage to other building material, personal property, or items otherwise not within the original scope of work to be provided.

Liability incurred as a result of this warranty is limited to the components and labor that Sherman Lumber, Inc. orginally agreed to supply by contract.  Sherman Lumber, Inc. will gladly provide repair services not covered under this warranty at reasonable rates paid by the owner. 


This warranty is our commitment to you that we believe in the craftsmanship and quality of materials and workmanship for every building we complete.